Beef Back Ribs are cut from the rib area of the cow.  This is a strip of backribs that usually cotains around 7 ribs.   There is a generous amount of fat on this cut of meat compared to lean meat.  This is ideal for those who want to barbecue the beef since fat helps in keeping the moisture.  Or for those dishes that requires longer coking hours, this is also an ideal cut of beef.

Beef as we know, is a major dietary source of fatty acids.  It contributes significantly to the important of fatty acids EPA and DHA (omega 3 fatty acids), of which there are few rich sources apart from oily fish. 

Beef back ribs have a good amount of meat between the bones, hence it is ideal in roasting and other delicious dishes you want to try such as Beef Caldereta.  Beef Caldereta is a popular viand and a main stay in any Filipino Kitchen.  There are a lot of versions in this dish.  This dish needs the beef to soften by cooking it slow like a beef stew.  When the meat is soft enough, they will add plain tomato sauce and spices to taste.  Others prefer it spicy with tomato sauce and cheese.  Other ingredients such as bell peppers, carrots and potato are added when cooking this dish.  You can also add olives to enhance the taste.  Although there are other styles in cooking beef caldereta, the fact remains that it is also one of our Filipino favorite dish.

Beef back ribs is sold per 500 grams, 1 kilo. 1.5 kilos or 2 kilos.