Beef Bones are also known as stock bones.  These bones essentially pieces left over from the butchering process. When we sell the boneless roasts and other pieces of meat, we just remove the bones.  Each piece typically has a small amount of meat still clinging to the bones that it why is it commonly used as beef broth.

Other people use beef bones to make a cheaper version of the Bulalo Dish.

Beef Bulalo is a light colored soup which can be made with beef shanks, beef marrow bones or simple the beef bones.  It slowly cooked for several hours, until much of the fat has melted into the clear broth. The seasonings vary from the person who cooks it.  Other consider this recipe as simple.  Some uses only salt, pepper and spices  to taste during boiling the meat.  Others just add the seasoning after the meat softens.

When the bone marrow is cooked, it has a a rich, slightly sweet flavor.  It has a smooth texture which makes it more palatable.  It has a smooth buttery taste and also offers health benefits which makes it really one of our clients’ favorite.

As Filipinos, we are known to be adventurous when it comes to exploring food.  The beef bone marrow can also be cooked in different ways according to one’s preference.  Aside from it’s versatility, it is also affordable which makes it budget friendly to those who want to cook a delicious beef stew without breaking one’s budget.

It is sold per 500 grams, 1 kilo. 1.5 kilos or 2 kilos.