Pork Longganisa is one of the all time favorite food of the Filipino people.  It is best served with garlic rice and fried eggs.  Another way to serve longganisa is making it as a fried rice itself.  It has been said that Longganisa traces its roots to Spain.  Having been colonized by Spain, is it but natural for us to have our culture influence by them. Originaly,  longganiza is a long pork sausage seasoned with paprika, cinnamon, aniseed, garlic and vinegar. It is made fresh and must be cooked right away. Over time, this tradition has been improved and hence with help of technology, longganisa can now be made ahead of time and stored frozen so as to have the convenience of cooking it when the need arises.

Sivako Longganisa is our version of the famous native Filipino sausage.  We developed our own recipe last 2017 because of the demand from our current clients.  Our longganisa is made with ground pork, garlic and spices.  It is made daily, hence assuring its freshness.  Our version is wrapped with plastic instead of wrapping it with the usual casing made of pork intestines.  This is sold per pack of 5 pieces which makes it budget friendly.