Beef tenderloin cut are steak cuts from the beef tenderloin, which is inside the muscle of the short loin.  It is the moist desirable part of the beef because it is tender, hence being one of the most expensive part.   It makes an excellent roast or it can be cut into steaks. Grilling, broiling or a quick stir fry are the best methods for cooking tenderloin steaks.

Beef tenderloin cuts can be used in beef tapa which is another staple Filipino dish during breakfast.  Originally, beef tapa was made to extend the shelf life of the beef by curing it with salt and spices.  The same concept in making beef jerky.  Over time, the style of making tapa has evolved and even the curing process.  Some just add soy sauce, calamansi and garlic. Let it marinate overnight in the fridge and cook it the following day. Or others pack it in portions and have them frozen until one cooks it.   Another viand that Filipino likes to cook with this lean meat is the Bistek Tagalog, also perfect during breakfast.

When using beef lean meat for tapa dishes, it is best to slice against the grain.  This technique is useful as the meat will be easier to chew and will have more tender pieces.

It is Sold per 500 grams, 1 kilo. 1.5 kilos or 2 kilos.